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When students think of getting into college, the first thing that comes to mind is the qualifying tests. And the two most popular ones are the ACT and the SAT. Even though the Coronavirus outbreak has forced several universities to go test-optional and temporarily downplay these exams in admissions considerations, both college admissions exams are still widely used. Nearly 2.2 million students in the class of 2020 took the SAT at least once, compared to about 1.7 million who took the ACT. Although it is unknown how many students took both exams, experts claim that doing so is typical among test takers. Looking at the data for the last 5-10 years, it is seen that more and more people are talking about both tests. Students can use this resource to better understand what to anticipate from the SAT or the ACT before deciding which test to take. There are several test-specific details, frequently asked questions, and detailed aspects of both tests, such as their merits, demerits, frequency, scores, acceptance, preparation, etc. Make sure you are prepared to make an informed choice about your future if you are getting ready for college and thinking about your testing possibilities.

ACT vs SAT – Which
is What?

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Where does The SAT Test come from?

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ACT vs SAT – Which
Test to Take?