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An associate degree is a step up from a high school diploma in the direction of academic pursuit. It not only opens new windows of opportunities but also according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics increases a student’s earning from $37,488 to $45024. Which is a rise of as much as 20 percent. Hence, it is good to invest in an associate degree first before getting into the bachelor’s bandwagon. An associate degree is a two-year program that offers students the ability to enter a career immediately after graduation or to pursue more advanced degrees. Before pursuing a career, it can be helpful to review what types of associate degrees are available. In this article, we explain what are associates degrees online, give a list of associate degrees, compare an associate to a bachelor’s degree and discuss career options for those who have an associate degree. An associate degree is a two-year college degree at the undergraduate level. Associate degrees are available at many universities, colleges, technical colleges, and community colleges. Students in an associate degree program often study general education requirements and courses specific to their area of study. Certain careers only require an associate degree to begin working, so unless you decide to change careers or receive advanced certification, you may not need to pursue additional education. For others, an associate degree is one step toward further education, which can include pursuing a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, or a doctorate. 

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