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In this article, we discuss the best online doctoral programs in the country per our internal criteria of research. A PhD stands for Doctor of Philosophy. This is one of the highest-level academic degrees that can be awarded by a university. PhD is an abbreviation of the Latin term (Ph)ilosophiae (D)octor. Traditionally the term ‘philosophy’ does not refer to the subject but its original Greek meaning which roughly translates to ‘lover of wisdom.

A PhD is a doctoral research degree, and the highest level of academic qualification students can achieve. The degree normally takes between three and four years of full-time work towards a thesis offering an original contribution to your subject. Generally, to enroll in a PHD program, one would need to get a master’s degree from a nationally accredited university. Below we would discuss online PHD programs in detail.

List of the Best Online
PhD Programs

List of Universities that offer Best
Online PhD Programs

Here is a list of the universities that offer the Best Online PhD Programs.*

Universities and programs are ranked by various factors, such as affordability, curriculum and coursework, reputation and availability, program length, statistics, the potential of employment, and return on investment for the students. For a more in-depth analysis, please read about our rankings methodology page

FAQs About The Best Online PhD

Students might ask questions like which university is best for PHD? There might not be a straight answer for such a generic question, but below we are trying to answer the FAQ about online PhDs:

Which is the best online PhD?

Which is the best university for an online PhD?

Do online PhDs have credibility?

 Who accredits online PhD programs?

Are online PhDs accepted in the industry?

What is the most respected PhD?

Which PhD is most in demand?

Which PhD has the highest salary?

How much does an online PhD cost?

Are online PhD programs respected?

Additional Resources for Students looking
for Best Online PhD Programs

This article tried giving an insight into the best online Ph.D. programs or top-rated online programs available in the country. We have done an exhaustive analysis to arrive at our rankings. If you are a student contemplating taking up an online Ph.D., then you might as well be interested in looking into the below resources which would help you make an informed decision.