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“Americans Are Drowning in $1.5 Trillion of Student Loan Debt” – says a report from the Time. Although student loans are one of the many ways to fund a college education, one does not have to be a genius to know that they could be a bad thing and a potential trap. Unlike a scholarship or grant, a loan must be paid back in a stipulated time, along with interest, making them an expensive proposition. Of course, those who finish their education and land well-paying jobs could easily repay loans and clear their debt. However, many may not be as fortunate and end up with mounting debt.

But, as it turns out, getting a grant can help pay off that debt! Grants are a form of gift aid, meaning they are a type of financial assistance one does not have to pay back. If graduates need to be relatively debt-free, they can use grants to pay off student loans.

Those who already have a student loan or are considering getting one need to determine if they qualify for grants to pay off student loans or student loan forgiveness programs. Read on for more information about getting a grant, what student loan forgiveness options are available, and what grants can pay off student loans.

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