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Online Associates Degree in Accounting is an entry-level degree in the field of accounting. Generally, it’s a two-year course, wherein students are exposed to accounting subjects at a very basic level. An associate degree in accounting would be the first step towards a career in this field. A two-year associate degree in accounting builds foundational skills in math, business, and accounting principles, preparing students to enter the workforce or transfer further into a bachelor’s program. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics accountants earn a median salary of around $73560 per year, and the profession is slated to grow 7% in the next 10 years. This article will delve into the field of accounting from an associate degree point of view and the scope and opportunities this field offers in terms of subjects being learned, job opportunities, and further studies this degree prepares students for. We will also try to answer all the frequently asked questions this field evokes.

Best Online Associates Degree
in Accounting Courses

We at FBD (Find Best Degrees) have vetted several accounting schools and have come up with a list of the best online associate accounting programs. Our vetting process involves a host of criteria including graduation rate, tuition fee, student placements, location of the college, college rankings, etc. Below is the list of our top picks (alphabetically arranged) for the best associate accounting schools:*

Universities and programs are ranked by various factors, such as affordability, curriculum and coursework, reputation and availability, program length, statistics, the potential of employment, and return on investment for the students. For a more in-depth analysis, please read about our rankings methodology page

Find Online Associates Degree
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If you are looking at the best OT bachelor’s programs near you, you are in luck, below is a list of OT programs near your location:

What to expect from the Online Associates
Degree in Accounting?

Types of Associates Degree
in Accounting

Areas of Specialization for Online
Associates Degree in Accounting

Students taking up a career in finance generally take up finance and accounting and math specializations in their associate-level studies. Here we discuss such specializations which lead you to career concentration in finance.

Area of Specialization Description Institutions availableCareers This Concentration Prepares For
Cashflow PerformanceCashflow is the broad term used to describe the path that cash can take; in, though, and out of a business. The performance part of this comes in when finance professionals analyze how this cash travels and what exactly those paths of travel mean for the company’s final numbers.Copiah-Lincoln Community CollegeCash Flow Analyst
Financial Statement AnalysisFinancial statement analysis is the methodical, professional approach to the deeper side of understanding financial statements. A professional specializing in this area of finance would essentially review all a company’s various financial statements and other closely related records, and then present the company with some of the finer insights and advice most would not be able to conjure from such a range of sophisticated data-culling and translation.Indiana Wesleyan University-National & GlobalFinancial Clerk
Personal FinancesPersonal finances are a specialty area of the finance and banking industries that focuses on the individual and their array of financial goals, bills, income, and many other elements. One of the most common professions built around this exact specialty area of finance is that of today’s accountant.Fox Valley Technical CollegeWealth Manager
InvestmentsInvesting is all about making the right decisions regarding the when, why, and how of smart buying. Investing can involve something like wisely buying the right home with which to live out one’s remaining retirement years, or it could involve rapid and complicated stock exchange action with high-paced buying and selling of stocks. While some may outwardly view investing as a rather straightforward concept, it can become quite complicated and specialization-driven.Liberty UniversityInvestment Analysts

Why should I do an Online Associates
Degree in Accounting?

How to get into the Online Associates
in Accounting program?

How long does it take to complete the Online
Associates in Accounting?

An obvious question for any student is how many years is occupational therapy graduate school? Well, like any associate degree program, an online associate in accounting program takes around 60 credit hours and 2 years to complete. An associate program can be broken down into required courses, supportive courses, and elective courses. Students must pick a few elective courses and the rest of them would be core subjects. There might be some supportive coursework required to be completed for completion of the program.

But professionals who have full-time jobs could get into some accredited accelerated programs where students can get some credits for their work experience and can complete the program at a faster pace. There are also some asynchronous programs wherein working professionals can plan and complete their programs in their own space. So, there are a host of options to pick up from and one should choose according to the profile of the student.

Accreditation For Online Associates
Degree in Accounting

Accelerated Programs for Associates
in Accounting

Associates Vs Bachelors
in Accounting

Free Courses for Online Associates
Degree in Accounting

Introduction to Financial Accounting

In this course students will learn to explain the format of the income statement and balance sheet, define various financial statement terms (e.g., accounts receivable, prepayments, etc.), record financial statement transactions (e.g., invoicing, raising equity, buying inventory, etc.), prepare a simple income statement and balance sheet and prepare a simple cash flow statement using the balance sheet and income statement.

Accounting Debits and Credits – Accounting Play

In this free course students would learn to understand accounting Debits and Credits, learn the accounting equation, and learn about financial accounting.

Excel for Accountants— Mapping Tables

In this course, students would learn to store data in tables so that new rows are automatically included in related formulas, perform conditional summing with the SUMIFS function and create an intermediate mapping table so that Excel has the information needed to translate labels and aggregate data rows.

Accounting Debits and Credits – Accounting Play

In this course, students would learn to Understand accounting debits and credits, learn the accounting equation, and learn about financial accounting.

How to Pay for Online Associates
in Accounting Programs?

FAQs about Online Associates
in Accounting Programs

What can one do with an associate in accounting?

Are you considered an accountant with an associate degree?

Is it better to get an associate or bachelor’s in accounting?

Are accountants well paid?

Do accountants do a lot of math?

How do you become a certified accountant?

What is CPA certification VS license?

How tough is accounting?

Is accounting a good career?

Is accounting a safe career?

Career Opportunities and Salaries after
Online Associates in Accounting

Certifications and Licensing for Online
Associates in Accounting

Associates Vs Certificate
in Accounting

These two as in accounting certificate programs vs an associate degree and in accounting are different ball games altogether. An associate degree is a structured way of getting into the profession of accounting, whereas a certificate program is a specialization that students do when they are already into the profession and what to get into some specialization. With an associate degree you would study a whole lot of subjects which are all mandatory, but in certifications depending on what degree type you have completed you would study only one specialized subject. These are two very different ways of approaching a subject and come at very different stages of your study cycle.

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