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In contrast to basic sciences like biology, physics, and chemistry, which frequently study subjects unrelated to health, health science focuses on specific health-related issues. Despite focusing on health issues and outcomes explicitly, this form of study is a vast multidisciplinary subject that includes both natural and behavioral sciences. Courses crucial for understanding population health, the causes of people making poor decisions, and outside forces that impact a person’s health are combined with laboratory science subjects in bachelors of health sciences degrees. According to health science academics, programs in this area typically include training in social science subjects like psychology, sociology, and epidemiology closely tied to health. A health sciences degree generally includes many public health subjects, as well as coursework in nutrition and exercise science. This guide explains the various aspects of an online health science degree and answers questions like “what is health sciences”.

Best Online Health
Sciences Degrees

One of the most challenging decisions students will ever have to make is which college or university they will attend to earn the best online health science degree. The cost, placements, beginning pay, employment rates, acceptance rates, and other aspects must all be considered. FBD teams sifted through each of these matrices to create a rating of the best bachelors of health sciences programs. Here is the list of the best online health science degrees: *

Universities and programs are ranked by various factors, such as affordability, curriculum and coursework, reputation and availability, program length, statistics, the potential of employment, and return on investment for the students. For a more in-depth analysis, please read about our rankings methodology page

What to Expect from the Online Health
Science Degree Program

Degree Types for Online Health
Science Degree Programs

Areas of Specialization for Online
Health Science Programs

Why should I do an Online
Health Science Degree?

Free Courses for Online Health
Science Degree Students

For students who quickly need to study a topic or go over certain concepts they may not have encountered or used before, free courses in health science can come into use. Several free online courses are readily available to bachelors degree in health science students who want to learn more or brush up on their knowledge in certain areas of the subject. Here are examples of such free courses:

CourseDescriptionProvided by
The Health Effects of Climate ChangeThis course, which was developed with assistance from the Harvard Global Health Institute, explains how climate change affects people all around the world and how it directly influences people and their lives.Harvard Univ
Molecular and Cellular PathophysiologyThis course discusses the principles of tissue and organ response to damage from a molecular and cellular viewpoint. Disease states that connect infection, inflammation, immunity, and cancer are given particular attention.MIT
Modeling Issues in Speech and HearingWithin the framework of auditory and speech biology, this course examines the theory and use of scientific modeling. The class uses examples from hearing and speech, and it discusses broader, meta-theoretical questions that go beyond the specific subject matter.MIT
Health Across the Gender SpectrumAn intimate, narrative-based introduction to the lives of six transgender kids and their families is provided in this course. Learners will have a better knowledge of gender identity and the gender spectrum after watching short instructional films and illustrated tales.Stanford Online

How to get into the Online Health
Science Degree Program?

Although the prerequisite for health science education admission requirements remains the same across institutions, prospective students should carefully review the bachelor’s admission information from the programs of their choice because entrance requirements for online BS degrees in health science programs differ between institutions. Here is a list of health science education requirements for admission into an online health science degree program:

  • Application for Admission
  • Application Fee
  • ACT or SAT scores
  • Official Academic Transcripts
  • A Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 3.0 in science subjects
  • An Essay
  • Letter of Recommendation (usually optional)

How Long does it take to complete the Online
Health Science Degree Program

Accelerated Online Health Sciences
Degree Programs

For full-time students majoring in the health sciences who are highly motivated and have a penchant for the subject’s principles and concepts, enrolling in an accelerated bachelor’s degree in health science program may be beneficial. As one might expect, the accelerated science program is quite challenging and moves quickly. Before applying, students should conduct their research because not everyone is qualified for the usually rigorous and intense accelerated health science degree online, such as the one offered by Thomas Jefferson University.

Accreditations for Online Health
Sciences Degree Programs

How to Pay for an Online Health
Science Degree Program?

Students must carefully analyze their payment options for their online health science bachelor’s degree programs given the current state of student debt, the expense of education, and the average amount of debt each student accumulates. The most rational method to pay for college is via scholarships. If a candidate does not meet the criteria for a scholarship and is employed as a professional, they may ask their employers for tuition reimbursement. Applying for a student loan is an additional option for paying for an online health science degree. Additionally, students can check if they qualify for federal student aid.

Read more on financial aid, how to pay for college, donors for student loans, grants for student loans, and FAFSA student aid.

Scholarships for Online Health
Sciences Degree Students

Scholarships are monetary prizes given to students for their education that may consider their financial circumstances in addition to other variables like their academic standing. The two most common types of scholarships are those awarded based on merit and need. Students who want to enroll in health science degree online programs should carefully consider their scholarship opportunities. Below are a few examples:

ScholarshipDescriptionAward/AmountApplication Deadline
The Edison International STEM ScholarshipThe Edison Scholars Program honors students who want to be tomorrow’s creators – the innovators, guardians, pioneers, and visionaries – who dare to be outstanding. Edison International provides 30 seniors in high school with college scholarships each year to support their pursuit of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) degrees and provide them the instruments for making a change in the world.$40,000December 13, 2023
The Adam Ferrari Health Science ScholarshipIntending to improve treatment for individuals with physical limitations, the Adam Ferrari Health Science Scholarship encourages students who want to study health science in college.$1,000January 15, 2023
Elms College STEM ScholarshipsStudents who major in STEM subjects such as biology, computer science or engineering, chemistry, or mathematics and enroll full-time at Elms College are eligible for scholarships via the Elms College STEM scholarship program.$10,000February 1, 2023

FAQs Related to the Online Health
Sciences Degree Program

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Career Opportunities and Salaries after
an Online Health Science Degree

Certifications and Licensing for Online
Health Science Degree Students

Additional Resources for Online Health
Science Degree Students


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