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The SAT or Scholastic Aptitude Test is a standardized test frequently used in the United States of America for college admissions. Since its introduction in 1926, the SAT’s name and scoring have undergone several changes. It was first known as the Scholastic Assessment Test, now just called the SAT. The CollegeBoard is a private, non-profit corporation in the United States that devised and published the SAT. The Educational Testing Service, which up until recently also designed the SAT, administers it on behalf of the CollegeBoard. The test’s goal is to determine if students are college ready. If you’re just starting your SAT preparation, it is crucial to comprehend the SAT’s format, the subjects it covers, and how the exam functions. You will receive a solid foundation in this guide that will enable you to comprehend the test fully.

Why should I take
the SAT?

Taking the SAT is a great way to assess a student’s college and workforce readiness. Many students discover that their test results either support their high school grades or perhaps reveal strengths that go beyond what their grades indicate. Most students who responded to a survey said they wanted the opportunity to send test results to colleges and universities.

Who can take
the SAT?

The SAT can be taken by those fulfilling one of the below-intended objectives:

  • Applying to a college or university’s undergraduate program – you may take the SAT on any weekend administration.
  • Making an application for a scholarship, financial aid, or another program that includes taking a college entrance exam in the application process.

Your registration will be terminated if there is reason to believe you are not taking the SAT for its intended reasons. You will need to re-register for an administration where the SAT form is disclosed following the test. Additionally, College Board retains the authority to investigate and invalidate the SAT registration and/or results of anyone believed to have attempted to copy and/or distribute test content.

Registering for
the SAT?

For the SAT and SAT Subject Tests, you can register online at the CollegeBoard website or by mail using the form in the Student Registration Booklet. Simply request a copy of the booklet from your school counselor if you need to register on paper. Be prepared to pay the registration fee.

SAT Test Structure
& Sections

SAT Score Components

Planning & Preparing
for the SAT

Tips to Prepare for
the SAT

FAQs on the

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How will students take the digital SAT?

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